2013 GMO Media Fact Sheet

2013 GMO Media Fact Sheet

1.       91% of Americans polled want GMOs labeled, a right already                   enjoyed by 40% of the world’s population in 49 countries.

2.       The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not require                             independent safety studies of genetically engineered foods.

3.       No long-term safety studies exist on either the safety or                            benefits of GMO ingredients.

4.       The AmericanAcademy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM)                    urges all doctors to prescribe no-GMO diets for their patients.

5.       Many physicians now prescribe non-GMO diets, and people are            getting better from a variety of disorders. Livestock taken off                  GMOs are also getting better. These same disorders, (e.g.                          reproductive, immune, and GI tract) are the ones that the AAEM            identified as common among lab animals fed GMOs, and their                  incidence has soared in the US population since GMOs were                    introduced.

6.       What is a GMO? Bacteria and/or virus genes that are forced                    into the DNA of crops like soy and corn. 80% are engineered to              withstand normally deadly doses of herbicides, primarily                            Monsanto’s Roundup.

7.       GMO corn varieties are also engineered to produce their own                toxic insecticide that breaks open the stomach on insects and                  kills them.

8.       GMO plants either drink poison or produce poison. Roundup                  and insecticide, now found in the blood of pregnant women and              their unborn children, have been found to be extremely                              dangerous.

9.       The only human feeding study ever conducted                                                   showed transference of foreign DNA into human gut bacteria.

10.    Multiple independent studies raise questions about links to                      allergies and other serious potential health risks including                          cancer.

11.   In 2012 the AMA called for mandatory premarket safety studies           of GMOs.

12.   Consumers Union says labeling may be the only way to                               determine that the GE process was linked to adverse health                     effects.

13.   Twenty years ago, Vice President Dan Quayle announced the                  FDA’s policy on genetically engineered food as part of his                          ‘regulatory relief initiative’ and held the American biotechnology            industry would reap huge profits ‘as long as we resist the spread            of unnecessary regulations.’

14.   Dan Quayle’s 1992 policy announcement was premised on the               notion, quickly refuted by the FDA’s own scientists, that                             genetically engineered crops are ‘substantially equivalent’ to                   regular crops and thus do not need to be labeled or safety tested.

15.  The ‘substantially equivalent’ or GRAS policy was crafted by                     Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto lawyer who was hired by the           Bush FDA to fill the newly created position of deputy                                   commissioner of policy.

16.  The Monsanto Corporation controls 90% of all genetically                        engineered seeds in the world.

17.  Vice President George H.W. Bush visited a Monsanto lab for a                photo op with the developers of Roundup Ready crops. He told              them, “Call me. We’re in the dereg businesses. Maybe we can                    help.”

18.  Non-GMO labels are the fastest growing private label claim.

19.  Millions of dollars were poured into the 2012 opposition                          campaign in California to defeat Proposition 37, which would                  have required the labeling of foods containing GMOs.

20.  The final tally of votes as certified by California’s Secretary of                 State was … 6, 088,714 in favor of Proposition 37 and                                 6,442,371 against. A scant difference of 353, 657 votes.

21.  GMO Labeling is endorsed by: American Public Health                                Association, American Medical Students Association,                                  AmericanAcademy of Environmental Medicine, Physicians for                Social Responsibility, California chapters, California Nurses                    Association and other leading health organizations.

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